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Our chartered firm believes in helping people to clarify and realise their dreams and goals through their financial planning.


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At Efficient Portfolio, we believe in helping people clarify and realise their dreams and goals through financial planning. We do this by taking you through a unique process that allows you to get a better understanding about us, of what you want to achieve in the future and what concerns you have about the present. We can then build your financial planning to help deliver exactly this.

We were the first Chartered Financial Planning firm in Rutland and pride ourselves on being able to provide you with a planning service built on honesty, professionalism and integrity. The prestigious Chartered title is the Financial Services Industry’s gold standard. It is only awarded to firms who can satisfy a rigorous qualification process and show a commitment to continual professional development. Only firms who are committed nma-top100-logo4to the Chartered Institute’s Code of Ethics are able to achieve the coveted Chartered title.

People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan. We want to ensure you don’t.

At each and every stage of our relationship with you, we do everything possible to take away your concerns, exceed your expectations, and give you reassurance and peace of mind in your financial future.

This is proven out by Efficient Portfolio and Charlie Reading having been recognized as one of the Top 100 financial advisers in the UK for 2016 by New Model Adviser.

FREE Book - The <em>Dream Retirement</em>.

FREE Book - The <em>Dream Retirement</em>.

Learn how to build your Life 2.0…. the retirement of your dreams! This book is an inspirational guide on how to turn your new life into a fantastic, fruitful, and fulfilling existence. Receive your own FREE downloadable version.

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Fast interaction

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Unique Client-Centric Financial Planning

Unique Client-Centric Financial Planning

Benefit from Efficient Portfolio’s unique financial planning process, putting your UNIQUE Retirement Dreams first.


Do-It-Yourself Tools

Do-It-Yourself Tools

We have put together a number of calculators that will help you easily manage your finances more effectively.


In The News

In The News

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Our Blog gives you everything you need to learn on how to save for retirement, manage the markets, and how to make the most out of your opportunities.


"Our Financial Planning Is As Unique As You Are"

“I’m Charlie Reading, Managing Director of Efficient Portfolio, a Chartered Financial Planner, speaker, and an author who has a passion for amazing financial planning. I’ve been in the financial services industry since 1999 and having learnt a great deal from working in two of the UK’s biggest firms, I wanted to move away from that impersonal environment, so that I could focus on my client’s unique needs and aspirations and give them the one-to-one care they deserve.

Today, I am a Chartered Financial Planner and my qualifications place me in the top 10% of all individual Financial Advisers in the UK. My firm specialises in investment and retirement planning, and has been very successful, with offices in both Rutland and London.

Our success as a team makes me incredibly proud, but nothing compares to the feeling when Efficient Portfolio’s clients tell me that we’ve helped them “find their purpose,” or that working with us has been “life-changing” and “empowering.”

With compliments like that, it’s probably obvious that the team at Efficient Portfolio is not like most financial planning firms: We’re chartered, completely independent, and totally focused on your personal goals and ambitions.

We want to work with you to BUILD, MANAGE, and PROTECT your WEALTH – by guiding you through our Efficient Wealth Management Process, and creating a bespoke Efficient Financial Plan, which we’re so confident about, we offer you a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t get the value from it that you’d expected.

So to see first-hand how we can help you, book your FREE Exploration Meeting now.”

Managing Director
Charlie Reading
Independent Financial Planner
Tom Senogles
Practice and Marketing Manager
Charlotte Colton
Senior Paraplanning Manager
Sonal Amlani

Top 7% Of Financial Advisory Practices In The UK

Charlie Reading Is In The Top 10% Of All Individual Financial Advisors In The UK

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Why Read Dream-Retirement

“With Dream Retirement; How To Secure Your Money And Retire Happy readers will learn how to build their Life 2.0, the retirement of their dreams! This book is an inspirational guide for how to turn your new life into a fantastic, fruitful, and fulfilling existence.

  • Find out how to forecast your financial future so that you can ensure you don’t run out of funds.
  • Learn to maximise your money to ensure it is working as hard as possible for you, without taking unnecessary risks.
  • Build an income strategy that allows you to tick off your Bucket List while you are young and healthy enough to do so.


Some Milestones

years in business
Chartered Financial Planning Firm In Rutland
Published Book By Charlie Reading, <strong><em>The Dream Retirement</em></strong>


Selecting your Financial Planner is an incredibly important decision, and one that you need to take time and care over. So why choose the Efficient Portfolio Team?

Your achievements are our passions, so we believe in helping you to reach your goals and realise your dreams; whether through expert financial planning or the continual expansion of your knowledge, we are dedicated to helping you.

Our mission statement is that we:

“Aim to provide our clients with a highly tailored, complete financial planning service, manifested through a compliant structure that is fair, efficient and simple.”

Each client is unique to us and we help them to fulfill their individual goals and aspirations by ensuring that their finances are aligned with their expectations.

We do this by taking each new client through the Efficient Wealth Management Process, a unique process designed to give clients the best advice in all the areas of their finances, create an automated financial plan for the future that ensures they continue towards their objectives and that is flexible to ensure it continues to meet their priorities during a changing lifetime through regular reviews.

What sets us apart is our thirst for continuous and never ending improvement. We strive to continually better ourselves; whether that’s bolstering our knowledge, boosting the services we offer our clients or


proactively searching for new and innovative ways to help you achieve your goals, we will never stop. We use innovative tools like Lifetime Cash Flow Forecasting, Life Planning Processes and a market leading investment solution to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

Our dynamic, friendly, and forward thinking team believe in a fresh approach to Financial Planning. We believe in your future and we work tirelessly to ensure that we can help you achieve your goals. Our service is client centric, meaning that our clients are at the heart of everything we deliver.

We also believe in developing genuine and honest relationships with our clients. Traditional Financial Planning is stuffy, counter-productive and devoid of emotion. But that’s not us. We continuously work to deliver the most innovative financial planning we can, so that we can provide our clients with a service that is professional, personal and, more importantly, effective. Our attention to detail means that your ever changing needs are wholly catered for.

If you’re looking for a new breed of Financial Planner, then the team at Efficient Portfolio can help. To see how our knowledge, innovative style and bespoke customer service will help you to achieve your goals, contact us today.


Mr. and Mrs. Mitton
My wife and I are delighted with the advice and support we have received from Efficient Portfolio. For the first time, in our experience, we have enjoyed independent financial advice which is exactly that; advice that put us, the clients, at the centre of their planning procedures.
An example of the care and attention Efficient Portfolio took with our personal situation resulted in a substantial cash gain from a high street bank. An investment I had made years ago had gone badly wrong. Efficient Portfolio looked closely at all of the details and suggest that, in relation to our risk profile, we had been mis-sold and that in this situation it was worth considering a letter of complaint. Efficient Portfolio provided excellent support in composing an objective and critical complaint. The result; the banks investigation found in our favour- our losses made good.
B H Leicestershire
I am self-employed and do not have the time to look into the best opportunities for my pension and investments.
Charlie Reading is both dynamic and pro-active.
He has never let me down and everything is done on time. I have no worries now that Efficient Portfolio is taking care of my finances.
Helen & Chris Wada
Charlie has been providing us with professional financial advice for over ten years. He has made complex and often confusing options easy to understand and has supported us to make the right decisions for us and our family as our circumstances change over time. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend Charlie to others and have already done so with many favourable comments.

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