and Values

Our business is founded on a several core principles that form our cultures and values. As a team, we aim to integrate these principles into everything we do.

We aim to bring a deep understanding to our clients situations, and treat all of our people with care and understanding.
Future Focused
Looking ahead and endeavouring to develop our systems and processes for the future are pivotal to our success. The importance of thinking ahead to the future is also crucial in the planning we deliver.
Financial Experts
We pride ourselves on having the highest level of qualification in our industry, and are always working to build upon our knowledge to deliver expert service.
Acting in an ethical and compliant way is not only a requirement for our firm, but it’s something we take pride in delivering.
We hold the title of Chartered Financial Planners through the CII, which is our industries gold standard. We value this accolade as it demonstrates a commitment to the highest levels of knowledge, development, compliance and ethical practices.
We are truly independent, so are not affiliated with one provider or brand. This means that we can deliver impartial guidance from the whole of the market.
Financial planning can be complex and confusing, so we strive to educate our clients and equip them with knowledge and control. We also try to inspire our clients and team with our events, books and online content.
No Surprises
When it comes to your money, the last thing you want is to discover hidden charges, clauses or restrictions. We operate an open and honest policy, so you know exactly what is happening with your planning.
In everything we do, we are commitment to simple, clear and understandable communication. Whether we are talking with our colleagues, marketing or speaking with clients on an individual basis, we are always 100% transparent.

Whether you blame it on political turmoil, or the meteoric rise of the digital age, we are all united in our thinking that the world of business is undergoing a seismic shift. How we shop, how we obtain support and guidance, and even how we consume entertainment have all dramatically changed in the last 10 years. So, why do some businesses thrive, and others fall into obscurity?

When you look at success stories from across the globe, the names of some international giants spring to mind: Google, Facebook and Apple. It’s fair to say that they have quite a lot in common, including a huge digital focus, but I believe that they have succeeded because of their culture and values. In my mind, company values are one of the keys to success and satisfied customers.

A strong company culture is important because it not only creates a happier more productive team, it also can lead to more clients and a better company identity.

At Efficient Portfolio, we’ve always been inspired by companies who invest in their company values, so that’s why we work as a team to breath our company values into everything we do. We share our values at any opportunity, as transparency over what we believe is actually the crux of our success.

Efficient Portfolio have nine core values, which were created to marry together the three concepts of a motivated and skilled team, a commitment to high standards of service and practice within the financial services industry, and their own thirst for innovation and continual improvement.

When we first founded the business, nearly 13 years ago, we wanted to build a firm that genuinely helped to educate our clients and helped them to achieve their goals for the future, by helping them to understand their finances more than they ever had before. Because of these beliefs, we had company values before we actually sat down to set out what they should be; these ‘founding values’ were to have a strong ‘focus on the future’ and to be ‘enlightening’ and they still remain at the core of what we do as a firm to this day.

Some of our core values focus on creating a fantastic working environment that our ‘people’ are excited to be a part of, so ‘teamwork’ is evidently one of our values to help achieve this, but so are ‘continuous improvement’ and ensuring that we are genuinely ‘financial experts’ in our field. Working in the financial services sector, legislation and opportunities are continually evolving, so it’s incredibly important for us to encourage and support our team to continually grow their knowledge and skill-set, and continually think about new and innovative ways to deliver the best financial planning possible. This not only helps them to become experts and remain engaged and enthused by their work, it also means that our clients receive the highest level of service. As a Chartered firm, this is something that we take incredibly seriously.

At Efficient Portfolio, we aim to differentiate ourselves from the competition and stand out from the crowd. This means working and thinking in a way that is sometimes a little unconventional and innovative. We strive to always go above and beyond what is expected and place the client’s needs at the heart of everything we do.

Our biggest differentiator lies in being transparent, open and honest: one of our values is for there to be ‘no surprises’. A great deal of our industry lacks real clarity over their fees, charges and commissions, so this is where we are different. Strong relationships allow us to accomplish much more than we would be able to otherwise, and by acting in an empathetic way, we can really get to the heart of our clients’ concerns.

Our founder, Charlie Reading, comes from a tied-advisory background, which he really didn’t believe in. Selling one company’s products just didn’t feel right, so when he founded Efficient Portfolio he wanted to make sure that worked in a truly independent and ‘impartial’ fashion, where we look at a market- wide range of resources, work with a variety of experts and really get to know the aims and goals of every individual.

As a firm, we believe that these values have created an unshakable foundation, where Efficient Portfolio’s people want the business to succeed and actively invest in themselves to create a better company. Since we started to truly ‘live’ these values in everything we do, we have been able to expand the services we can offer and have happier clients and a happier team.

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