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Creating a better future through inspirational financial planning

As Rutland’s first Chartered Financial Planning firm, Efficient Portfolio believes in helping you to create a better future through our expert, independent service. We help people clarify and realise their dreams and goals through financial planning, and we thrive on helping you to achieve the things you love. We do this by taking you through a unique process that allows you to get a better understanding of what you want to achieve in the future and what concerns you have about the present. We can then build your financial planning to help deliver exactly this.

Truly Independent Financial Planning

We understand that you want a complete financial planning service that works around your unique goals. That is why at Efficient Portfolio we want to make sure we really know what’s important to a client in the future, because only by knowing that, can we help them plan for it. We walk each client through the Efficient Wealth Management Process: a unique a unique process designed to give you the best chance possible of creating the future that is important to you.

With offices in both Rutland and London, we are members of the Personal Finance Society, Chartered Institute of Insurers and the Association of Independent Financial Advisers. We are committed to the PFS code of Ethics and regulated by the FCA.

We feel that the fairest way to work for our clients is on a fee basis. We believe that it is the only way to be truly independent. Much of the Financial Services Industry’s problems have been caused by inexperienced, commission earning sales people. On a fee basis we can give advice on all areas of your finance, not just commission paying ones. We also believe that this structure is the only way in which we are able to give you truly independent, transparent advice.

Our Dream Retirement Dinner- What Will be Covered?

Planning for your future has never been more important.

What’s Wrong with Financial Advice?

One of the main reasons people feel unprepared for their retirement is lack of guidance: whether that’s none at all, or unsupportive advice that has failed to give them everything they need. Financial Advisers, and the ‘service’ they provide, often get a bad name. And rightly so! The traditional model of financial advice sees products being thrust upon clients, which line the pockets of the advisers more than meeting the needs of their clients. Products serve a purpose, but do you know whether you are on track to have enough money in the future? When can you afford to retire whilst making sure you have enough money to tick off the bucket list?

Thankfully, financial planning is revolutionising what has been a dark industry for many years. Rather than dealing in sales, Financial Planners, like us, look at what is important to you in your future, and help make sure you can achieve that. So I want to tell you what’s wrong with financial advice, and show you how financial planning could be your ticket to the dream retirement.

The Best Investment Approach

Very much like the professional you chose to manage your money, the investment strategy you employ is pivotal to your success. The best investment approach is one that allows you to get the best growth possible, for a level of risk you are comfortable with; and by the way, there is no such thing as no risk! Leaving your money in the bank means it is almost guaranteed to fall in real terms, i.e. what you can buy with it. The question is only by how much!

Once you realise there is risk with every investment strategy, including leaving it under your mattress, the next step to understand the principals that allow you to get the best growth possible, without taking too much risk. Once investing, most people take too much risk, and this can lead to future catastrophes.

I want to show you how to employ the best investment strategy possible. I also want to show you how you can get truly independent advice, rather than someone just selling you into their own investment strategy.

Creating a Legacy, not just a Will.

For many of us, especially when it comes to wealth, we often focus on the needs of others rather than our own. We spend our working lives accumulating wealth for one sole purpose: to provide a secure and prosperous future for ourselves and our loved ones. We all want to provide a fruitful future for our families, but in doing so we often lose sight of our own happiness and fulfillment. We focus too much on what will be left in our Will, rather than the legacy we leave behind.

Efficient Portfolio help many clients strike the right balance between enjoying their lives now and ensuring that their future generations are provided for. Using tools such as Lifetime Cash-Flow Forecasting, we can ensure that you know how much you can spend now and how much you’ll need in the future, meaning that you don’t miss the important things in life.

We also look at the best ways to protect your legacy, so that it’s not eroded by tax, inflation or divorce, meaning that more of your hard-earned wealth can make a positive impact upon the lives of your generations to come.

About Efficient Portfolio and Charlie Reading APFS, Host of the Dream Retirement Dinner

Charlie Reading is a Chartered Financial Planner, Managing Director of Efficient Portfolio Wealth Management and author of ‘The Dream Retirement’. Although he established his business in London, he moved back to Rutland to raise his family in 2006, and now runs the business through these two offices.

Having worked in the industry since 1999, he has gained specialist qualifications in investments, pensions, taxation and Trusts. He also been awarded Chartered Status, which is the industry’s ‘gold standard’ and places him in the top 10% of all Financial Planners in the UK. This enables him to give expert, holistic advice in these areas to both companies and individuals.

The Efficient Portfolio team is made up of a highly qualified group of people who can give you expert advice in a range of financial areas- whether you are an individual or a company. Our team work in both London and Rutland, so someone will always be at hand to advise, guide and support you through your financial journey.

Are you passionate about changing your tomorrow and ambitious and determined enough to start putting in place the building blocks of your future?

‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’. The first step is to identify exactly what you need to do now to improve your future; once you have done this, you will be able to create a plan that will enable you to live out a life filled with what you love.

To find out more or to book your complimentary place at one of our Dream Retirement Dinners, contact us today.


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