Learn how to get your money working harder with our investment planning and management so that you can build a secure and comfortable future.

Why choose us for your investment planning and management

At Efficient Portfolio, we continuously work to understand our client’s needs and objectives, now and in the future. By placing your specific needs at the heart of your investment strategy, you can ensure that you can reach your goals in the most productive and tax efficient way possible. We believe that successful tax and investment planning and management can be achieved in six steps:

We get to the heart of your objectives, hopes and concerns, so that you can be certain your planning centres completely on you. We also look at your existing investment planning; keeping what is working well and making suggestions to improve any poor or unproductive strategies you have in place. When can then build a portfolio for our client; we believe everyone is different and, as such, requires a bespoke portfolio rather than an ‘off the shelf’ solution, so you can be sure that your money is targeting what is actually important to you in the future.
Variety in life can be pivotal to your overall enjoyment, but we understand that you do not want your finances to be the barrier between security and satisfaction. Through building a Lifetime Cash-Flow Forecast, which hypothesises a range of scenarios that are specific to you, we can help you to understand how the decisions you make today will impact your financial future and give you security.
Everyone’s attitudes, preferences and tolerances to risk will be different, and as you move through life these will all change. We feel that it’s vital to regularly monitor these attributes, so we can specifically target the level of return you need to achieve your financial goals.
Diversification and tax efficiency are the key components to a successful investment strategy. These elements can help to boost your wealth, giving you more flexibility and financial security to enjoy the things you love with the people who matter most. To achieve this, we would recommend to then select an appropriate wrap platform, which offers a diverse range of investments- including many ‘tax wrappers’ which will significantly improve your tax efficiency.
Expertise will give you and your finances the winning edge. We will constantly review your portfolio’s performance, to ensure that you can meet your ever-changing needs and to make sure that evolving tax legislation doesn’t undo your hard work.
Your own security and financial freedom are of course important, but many of our clients want to make the lives of their loved ones easier by providing financial support; this might include paying for a wedding, a deposit on a first home or helping fund university fees. Your own circumstances may also change, so the final, and possibly most crucial, aspect of investment and tax planning is to review the performance of your funds. We would recommend doing this at least once per year. As part of our service, we automatically do this for our clients.

"Keeping money in cash is highly unlikely to deliver the levels of return that you hope for, but investing can seem like too much of a gamble. And it can be, if it is not done correctly, because most people take too much risk when investing. The solution is to seek help from a truly independent professional, to ensure you get the best out of your money, without taking unnecessary risk or paying unnecessary tax."

How we can help you reach your investment planning goals

Whether you are looking to start saving for the future, or are looking to assess your existing portfolio, we are able to provide independent investment advice from the whole of the market. We also can work in collaboration with Discretionary Investment Managers, who are able to provide high level portfolio management to meet your needs.

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