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Investment planning and management is the simplest way to preserve, enhance, and boost your financial security.


Keeping track of your various assets and their performance can be both complicated and time-consuming, which is why we aim to make investment planning and management as straightforward and effective as possible.

Our Investment Planning And Management Service

Investment planning and management is a way to help you meet all of your financial goals in the most productive and tax-efficient way possible.

It’s often difficult to identify which investments are performing optimally and which are lacking. Having an investment adviser can help create a portfolio that is both diversified and tax efficient.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to investment planning and management. Are you saving money for the deposit on your first home? Whatever your goals may be, your unique requirements are tailored to your needs.

Just as the world around you changes year upon year, so does your tolerance to risk and attitude towards finances. Our team of professionals will continuously review the performance of your financial portfolio to ensure you are benefiting from the best possible returns and maximising all of your opportunities.

When it comes to money, mistakes are costly and having a sound investment plan in place can help avoid monetary losses and prepare you for a future of financial stability.

How We Can Help You Reach Your Investment Goals

Everybody is bound to have a unique set of investment goals. You may aspire to buy a home, start a business, pay for your child’s education, or even leave a legacy for your loved ones. On the other hand, you may not even know what your investment goals truly are.

With the help of an investment adviser, you can identify your financial requirements and create a plan that suits your individual needs. Both your short-term and long-term goals are taken into consideration, and we create a financial strategy that will fulfil your investment goals.

Whatever your goals may be, your unique requirements are tailored to your needs. An investment adviser will review the performance of your portfolio on a regular basis to ensure that your finances are on track and your goals are accomplished.

Whether you are just beginning to save and invest for the future, or you simply want to assess and refresh your investment portfolio, we can connect you with an expert Financial Planner who can assess your specific needs.

Our Typical Clients

No two clients are the same and we pride ourselves on offering our expertise to a wide range of individuals. Whether you are a business owner or young professional, approaching retirement or surpassed it, investment planning and management is a service that everybody can benefit from.

Individuals approaching retirement want their investments to work as hard as possible, whereas retirees may prefer to reduce risk. Business owners typically look to cut down on tax-associated costs and young professionals are eager to find an investment strategy that works for them.

No matter the situation you find yourself in, our financial planning for clients is here to help.

Are You A Business Owner?

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As a business owner, you’ll want to maximise your financial opportunities and benefit from your hard-earned profits in the most tax-efficient way possible. It’s also important to separate your personal goals from your business ones. 


When you own a business, you want to protect your finances and ensure your profits won’t be adversely affected if something were to happen to a key person in that company. An integral part of financial planning for business owners also involves protecting the future viability of the business in the case of unexpected circumstances. 


These issues, alongside many others, are just some of the key concerns we help business owners address when creating an investment planning and management strategy.

Are You A Young Professional?

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Financial planning for young professionals is equally as important. As soon as you start earning a surplus income, it’s likely to be important to begin planning for the future. 


Many of these individuals voice similar concerns and worry about their financial stability if they were to suffer an illness or accident. Others are afraid that their savings will not suffice when it comes to reaching retirement, or that their savings are simply not working hard enough for their financial goals. 


As a young professional, you can benefit from creating a bespoke investment portfolio, setting up an emergency fund, and ensuring your excess income grows in a tax-efficient environment.


Our Happy Clients

If you want to hear how we’ve helped individuals pursue and fulfil their retirement planning goals, take a look at what our clients say about us.

The future of your financial security relies on the quality of your investment planning and management. Investment advisers are professional, personable, and flexible, meaning you can rest assured that your investments are working as hard as they can to achieve all of your financial goals.

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The first step to achieving your goals is to discuss your concerns with a member of our team.

Our Investment Planning Tools and Calculators

If you want more clarity regarding your future finances, make sure to check out our financial planning tools and calculators. These resources can help you gauge what concerns you may have before you book a call with one of our specialists.

Our Lifetime Cash-Flow Forecasting Planning Tool

The Lifetime Cash-Flow Forecasting Planning tool is designed to help you get a better picture of what your financial future looks like. It shows where you are heading and whether you will be able to achieve your goals, both from a cash flow and asset-based point of view.

Our Compound Interest Calculator

The Compound Interest Calculator is a great tool that helps you determine how your savings could be impacted by the effects of compound growth. It illustrates how compound interest helps you achieve your goals quicker.

1 Minute Wealth Builder

Our 1 Minute Wealth Builder is a tool that helps provide clear guidance on how to start building and developing wealth. This tool will provide you with the confidence to maximise opportunities and the clarity to avoid uncomfortable risks. Use this resource to ensure your investment planning aligns with your personal goals.

1 Minute Wealth Manager

The 1 Minute Wealth Manager is designed to highlight the areas of your investment planning which you could potentially improve, adapt, or develop. It helps clients ensure they are benefiting from all financial opportunities and that their personal investment plan stays on track.

Have an Investment Management Question?

It’s important to understand the ins and outs of your investment portfolio management. Your finances are the foundations of your future security, so you’ll want to make sure that your investments are performing to their fullest potential.


If you still have any questions about investment planning, they may already be answered. Check out some of our most frequently asked questions below or head over to our financial planning FAQ page.

What Are The Most Common Investment Mistakes?

When it comes to money, making investment mistakes can be expensive, which is why you should always have an investment plan. Make sure to diversify your investments, reduce potential unnecessary taxes, manage risk, and continuously review your portfolio. 

What Is Diversified Investing?

We believe that diversified investing is the best way to achieve sustainable growth over the long-term. With a diversified investment portfolio, your money is spread across a variety of asset classes. Therefore, your future finances aren’t reliant on the success or stability of a single asset.

Which Investment Is Best?

What is the best financial investment? Well, it all depends on factors such as financial goals, risk management, and even ethics. An investment adviser will help you take your short and long-term goals into consideration and create a bespoke plan tailored to your individual needs.

How Can I Minimise The Tax On My Savings?

This is a great way to boost the efficiency and growth of your investment portfolio and there are many ways on how to minimise your tax. You’ll always have to pay taxes, but you can cut down on costs by employing government approved schemes and tax wrappers.

Is Now The Right Time to Invest?

It’s natural to shy away from the idea of investing during turbulent times. However, a diversified strategy will enable you to decide when to invest and smooth any losses experienced during times of turbulence. What matters most is time in the market, not timing the market.

What Is Compound Growth?

What is compound growth? Simply put, compound growth refers to the growth of your money over multiple periods of time. The impact over time can be considerable and could help you to expedite your savings goals.

How Does Your Investment Approach Work?

Unlike other firms, our approach and investment strategies are based upon superior integrated wealth management. In other words, we spend our time understanding your unique requirements and objectives to ensure you make the best financial decisions possible.

How Can I Invest Ethically?

Many of our clients have a vested interest in knowing that their money is going towards ethical investments and causes they believe in. For example, if your ethics don’t align with the tobacco, alcohol, or arms industry, you can invest in socially responsible and sustainable vehicles instead.

How Can I Make My Savings Work Harder?

Efficient investment planning involves yielding the highest returns possible for your se;ected level of risk, and maximising your financial opportunities. One way to make your savings work harder is through compound growth.

How Much Financial Risk Should I Take?

A lot of our clients and prospects ask us ‘what are the risks and rewards of investing?’ It all depends on how much you are comfortable with. Typically, your tolerance to risk will change over the course of your life as will the risk level of an investment, if left unmonitored. If you start investment planning from a young age, you may choose to be riskier with your investments and vice versa. 

Is There Such a Thing As No Risk?

No, unfortunately, every investment comes with a degree of risk, even cash is subject to erosion through inflation. Some investments are inherently riskier than others, but it’s all about finding your risk tolerance or the correct balance between risk and reward and choosing investment strategies that you feel comfortable with.  

How Do I Tackle Inflation?

The best way to tackle inflation is by continually reviewing the rate of return on your investments. If you keep a steady eye on your money growth and inflation, you can boost your overall wealth and tackle inflation simultaneously.

Our Investment Planning Resources

If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve curated a selection of financial planning events and online resources designed to make the process of investment planning as simple and effective as possible.

The Wealth Workshop

Our Wealth Workshop is a free webinar series that will help you determine how to start planning for a financially secure future.


This workshop will teach you the basics of investment planning, such as how to save SMART, maximise financial growth, forecast your financial future, and leave a legacy for your loved ones.

An Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Financial Planning

This financial planning guide highlights the most common risks associated with entrepreneurship and how to combat them through financial planning.


The Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Financial Planning teaches you how to extract the most money from your business in a tax efficient way, how to protect your company from the unexpected, and many more essential investment management UK concepts.

Book a chat with one of our team

The first step to achieving your goals is to discuss your concerns with a member of our team.

Our Other Financial Planning Services

At Efficient Portfolio, we pride ourselves on offering our clients a wide range of financial planning services. Investment planning is just the first step towards creating a financially secure future.

Retirement Planning

It’s never too late, or too early, to begin planning for your retirement and a thorough plan is the best way to achieve a financially secure future. Speak to one of our retirement specialists to help you manage your future finances.

Mortgage Advice

A mortgage is one of the greatest debts you’ll take on, so it’s important to find one that works for you.

Financial Protection

We generally recommend that you do everything you can to protect the assets and wealth you have worked so hard to accumulate. A Financial Planner can help steer you towards the right method of financial protection.

Estate Planning

Even when you are no longer here, you can continue caring and providing for your family. Estate planning goes beyond preparing a Will,  and we can help you leave behind a legacy for your most loved ones.