Business owners used to strive for money and power, but what use are these if they arrive at a retirement without their health or happiness to enjoy these luxuries? Business owners assume they must put their businesses first and offer the ultimate sacrifice - their free time, leisure and fun.




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Charlie Reading has combined his own experience as a business owner with his research from business books, workshops and courses led by other successful entrepreneurs to create the system he calls 'entrepreneurial happiness'. This book provides a culmination of business ideas for all leading entrepreneurs to make their business more profitable and achieve a healthy work life balance. The system to create entrepreneurial happiness is there in front of you and you cannot afford to wait. The secrets of the 21st century entrepreneur are greater than you can imagine, and just a read away.

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“As accountants and business advisers we would highly recommend taking time out to explore the principles contained in this book. The simple exercises are extremely effective in helping to think “outside the box”; stimulating new ideas and strategies that can have a transformational impact on your business and your life in general.”
Carolyn Frostwick - Accountant
Retirement Planning Rutland Investments Rutland
“Growing a business is difficult but doing so without giving up the elements of our lives that are most important can be even more challenging. What Charlie teaches is a must if you want to improve that balance.”
Kally Singh - Solicitor
Retirement Planning Rutland Investments Rutland
"After implementing Charlie's secrets to create a better business and personal life for myself, I know that he will show you how to improve your life as a business owner too."
Steve Sherriff - Business Owner, SLS Business Solutions



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Charlie has a wealth of experience in helping business owners maximise the profits in their company. Whether you are concerned with growing your wealth, protecting your assets or shielding yourself from threats such as tax, Charlie will show you the opportunities and strategies available that can help you to reap the rewards you deserve.

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Do you remember the feeling you had when you first started your business? That feeling of excitement and energy is often replaced with tedium and dread, so Charlie will show you how to reignite that fire and learn how to love your business again. He will also show you how to engage your team, so that they are more motivated, positive and productive, which will create an outstanding company culture.

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When you are working in the business, you can often become blinkered, and feel stagnant and stunted. Charlie will share his secrets and techniques to help you break through that ceiling and encourage growth, innovation and a renewed sense of purpose and direction in your business. He will also demonstrate how to nurture a culture of constant and never-ending improvement, which will boost profits, creativity and overall fun.

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Time is our most precious commodity, but sadly it’s something that seems to elude most business owners. Spending every hour working in your business leaves you feeling drained, demotivated and demoralised. Charlie will show you how to revolutionise your working practices through proven systems, empowering delegation tools and collaborative methods to help give you back free time, so you can focus on family, fun and fulfilment.

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Wanting your business to succeed can often mean that you direct all of your energy and effort into working. Overtime, this can leave you feeling burnt out, but neglecting your health and wellbeing can have far more severe consequences. Health is something that Charlie is fiercely passionate about, and he will show you how to incorporate some simple changes to keep you energised and fighting fit, both mentally and physically.

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Why did you first set up your business? Whether it was to follow a passion or to create a better life for you and your loved ones, is your current situation making you happy? Utilising all of his experience and knowledge, Charlie will show you ways to bring back the happiness to your lifestyle and business, so that you don’t just have a more productive and positive team, you also have a far better quality of life, both in and out of the office.


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“The contents of this book have helped me and my team in so many ways. The principles taught have a huge impact on you and your business. It is goal orientated, thought provoking and truly insightful.”
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Nitesh Bhundia
Entrepreneur, Rutland Webdesigner
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“Charlie’s stories are both inspiring and encouraging; the system powerful and simple; and the exercises life-changing. I urge you to not just read it, but action it too.”
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Kieron Malloy
Entrepreneur & Business Consultant
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“This book is a must for any business owner. It feels like Entrepreneurial Happiness contains the best elements of the top business books, all in one simple and enjoyable read.”
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Stuart Milton
Business Owner, Reservoir Finance


Are trying to understand how to maximise your business’ financial opportunities and claim back the profit that your hard work deserves.
Feel that all of your energy and effort is being sapped by your business and want to spend more time with your family and friends, enjoying your passions in life.
Are concerned that your health and wellbeing are being adversely impacted through over working and want to ensure that you can boost your longevity, mental health and energy levels.
Have lost the passion and enjoyment in your business and want to learn how to rekindle the fun and happiness you once felt.