Find out how to create an ongoing, adaptable plan, that’s built upon your unique goals and evolving situation.

To give you clarity, confidence and security, a holistic financial planning service will work best to help reduce the erosion on your estate, ensure it goes where it is intended and limits the amount of tax liability that your loved ones could face.

Why choose us for your estate planning

We can help you to efficiently plan how your estate is handled, ensuring that your needs and wishes are fulfilled. We also work in collaboration with a range of legal and tax specialist, so we can help to ensure that you have the best possible plans and strategies in place.

Providing for our loved ones is a key motivation for us all, especially after we’ve gone. Using the variety of solutions that are at our disposal we can help you ensure that your estate will be distributed in accordance with your wishes, in the most tax efficient and protected way, and not just upon your death, but during your lifetime too.
Contributing to the lives of your family is not only rewarding, but by creating a legacy you can really make a difference. We can show you how to maximise your allowances, make beneficial gifts and actually create a purposeful legacy to help your future generations.
Increasing the value of your estate in a tax efficient way will mean that you can make a more significant impact upon the lives of your family. We can help to formulate diverse strategies that will protect your estate and promote growth, for example through the use of pensions. By being an ever-present Financial Planner, we will also continually review the performance of your funds, to ensure that your plans stay on track.
Keeping wealth within the family is just as important as the amount you leave behind. Passing money down through your bloodline is something most of us want. At the end of the day, you don’t want all of your hard work to be undone through the son or daughter in law ‘from hell’ walking away with half of the money intended for your loved ones.

"Leaving a legacy for those we love is a common wish that many of us share. Knowing that your spouse, children or close loved ones will be cared for, and are able to continue with a comfortable standard of living after you’ve gone, will give you a sense of accomplishment and peace of mind, but are you aware of the risks involved with inheritance?"

How we can help you make provisions for the future

Estate planning can often be complex and have various legal implications, so utilising a professional is key. At Efficient Portfolio we can offer expert guidance ranging from Inheritance Tax Planning through to protecting your money for the benefit of your children. We also work in collaboration with a range of solicitors, accountants and tax specialists, so you can access the best level of guidance for your specific needs (CLICK HERE).

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