Protect what is important to you, so that you can achieve peace of mind and confidence over your finances and your security.

Whilst none of us can accurately predict the future, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t consider life’s unexpected moments and protect ourselves from the unknown. At Efficient Portfolio we believe that the cornerstone of financial planning is protection, and we are able to work with our clients to identify their needs and concerns and provide some reassurances for their future security.

Why choose us for financial protection planning

Protection planning can be beneficial to a number of people, especially if you are a business owner or parent. We will work with you to assess your needs and create a protection strategy that gives you peace of mind and security for the future. As an independent firm, we are also able to search the whole of the market for the best protection plans for your needs, which include:

Financial Protection for Families
Life and Critical Illness Plans
Mortgage Protection
Key Person Protection and Shareholder Protection for Business Owners
Relevant Life Plans for Business Owners

"Throughout our working lives, most of us strive to earn a good income to provide for our families and enjoy our time. Whether we want our ‘forever home’, the ability to privately educate our children, or even be able to enjoy exciting annual holidays, earning a good income helps us to enjoy our time and lead comfortable lives. But what would happen if that income suddenly stopped? Would you be able to pay the mortgage? Could you afford school fees? Would you even be able to put food on the table?"

How we can help you reach financial security and peace of mind

There are a huge range of protection solutions available in the market, and selecting exactly what you need can feel like a daunting prospect. At Efficient Portfolio, we are able to identify the best types of protection for your specific needs, whether you are a business owner, retiree or have a young family.

As our lives evolve so do our needs and circumstances. Our ongoing service and support aims to continually review what you have in place, to ensure that the protection you have in place is relevant and sufficient for your needs.

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