GDPR Data Capture

How we use your information
At Efficient Portfolio Wealth Management Limited, we use your contact details so that we can tell you about relevant events, offers or services that may be of an interest to you and your clients.

For marketing purposes, we only retain relevant data for a period of 12 months. After this point, you will be asked if you wish to continue to receive information from our company. You may of course withdraw your consent at any time and will action this request immediately.

Our Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy. When you interact with us by phone, mail, in person or online, we sometimes receive personal information about you, which we are committed to protect.
We take appropriate physical, electronic and managerial measures to ensure that we keep your information secure, accurate and up to date, and that we only keep it as long as is reasonable and necessary. We utilise a secure database to hold our information, which is subject to ongoing due diligence checks.
We will only send you marketing information by e-mail, SMS, or phone if you have given us specific consent. If you withdraw your consent and then subsequently opt in, then your most recent preference may supersede.