How can you pay for our advice?

At the end of 2012 a new piece of legislation called The Retail Distribution Review came into effect. In essence this had 2 main features:

  • Commission on investment business was be banned
  • Minimum qualification levels to give investment advice were raised

RDR signalled the beginning of a new era in financial advice; a future where you, the client, receive the very best, unbiased service from the most highly qualified advisers.

How do we work?

We work on a fee basis. We believe this is the only way that we can someone giving truly independent advice can work.

Is working on a fee basis more expensive?

No. If we advise you to set up a policy that pays commission (for example on a protection product), that commission is yours to do what you want with. If you want to use that to pay our fee, as most of our clients do, then you can. If the company we recommend pays a high commission, then you can even have some of that money back! Its yours.

How do I know the best way to pay you?

We understand the benefits of paying by direct fees versus using commission to offset our fee, both from a tax perspective, and from a cash flow perspective. The Implementation Fee Strategy is specifically designed to build you your own optimised payment strategy. We will ensure that you pay for our advice in the most cost effective and tax efficient manner.

Does working with a fee based adviser provide other benefits?

If your adviser is working on a fee basis, he can advise you on areas that dont pay commissions; areas that tend to be ignored by many. Examples of such areas are Investments, Trusts, Wills, Alternative Investments, Investment in property, and savings products.

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