How do we help young professionals?

The vast majority of the individuals we help have very similar concerns, and also similar opportunities that they do not feel they are maximising.

The concerns that many of them have are:

  • That if they were to suffer an illness or an accident that they would struggle financially.
  • That they are currently making no provision towards their retirement, but realise that the state will provide only a minimal pension.
  • That they are not saving regularly out of their income for the future.
  • The lack of interest they are receiving from their savings.

The common opportunities that individuals have are as follows:

  • Identifying the most suitable vehicle within which to invest for retirement.
  • Ensuring that their excess income accumulates in a tax friendly environment in order to benefit from long term growth and capital creation.
  • Ensuring that if they were unable to work as a result of illness or accident they do not struggle financially.

So what do we do for them?

We help our individual clients identify these opportunities and take measures to address these concerns. The Efficient Wealth Management Process will allow us to do this for you.We have offices in both Rutland (in Seaton) and in London, so one of our expert Financial Planners is never too far away.

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