Partnership Protection

Date : 25 Mar 2019
posted By : eff_admin

Partnership Protection comes in three main forms; ‘Buy to Sell’, ‘Cross Option’ and ‘Automatic Accrual’. In essence, this type of Keyman Insurance is the same as Shareholder Protection, however this deals with the actual ownership of the business, rather than just shares.

As the owner of a Company, Keyman Protection should be something that is a strong consideration for you. At the end of the day, the implementation of such a scheme could save you hundreds, thousands and in some cases millions of pounds. Keyman Protection is a safety net that could also ensure that your business is protected for the future. This type of insurance can be incredibly complicated, so we highly recommend seeking professional advice from an independent financial planner. At Efficient Portfolio, we have years of experience dealing with corporate clients, so we are here to help you with your Keyman Insurance.

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