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Date : 25 Mar 2019
posted By : eff_admin

The media, the shops and especially our children are all telling us that it’s that time of year again – Christmas is nearly upon us. Of course, for most of us, this is a joyful time where we can spend quality moments with our loved ones, indulge in our favourite foods and treat those closest to us with the gifts that they desire. But none of this magically happens. The reason that all of this ‘festive spirit’ comes to fruition is down to one factor- planning.

Over the years we all become expert Christmas planners; whether it’s buying the toys for the kids, ordering the turkey from the butchers, writing the cards or decorating the tree- we have perfected the art of planning for the ‘big day’. But what about the rest of our lives? Why is it that we plan for Christmas with gusto, but shy away from planning our lives?

Alan Lakein once said that ‘planning is bringing the future into the present, so that you can do something about it now’. I fully agree with Lakein; in order to live the future that you want, you need to plant the seeds for it now. That way, you can see your future growing the way that you intended it to, pruning and weeding as you go along if goals change. But there is more to it than that. To truly begin your life planning strategy you need to think back to your childhood.

For me, and I’m sure most of you will empathise with this, my dreams and hopes had no restrictions. As Walt Disney said ‘if you can dream it, you can do it’ and this certainly was my motto as a child. My desires weren’t tainted by ‘grown-up’ barriers like mortgage payments, council tax bills and school fees for my offspring. My rawest dreams were my goals.

As time passes us by, our true passions and dreams become clouded by the hum-drum of adult life. We also become more guarded about expressing our hopes. Why is this? Is it because if we express our true hopes our failures are exposed? Or have we become far too pragmatic for our own good? The truth is, as this transition has happened, our lives are negatively impacted. To break free from this, ask yourself this- if you had all of the time or money you needed, what would you do? Now imagine that you have only got five years to live. From the list you first made, what would change, what would stay and what would go?

What you have just done is pinpointed some of your dreams and identified what you value the most. This is the first step to Life Planning. The Kinder Institute suggests that ‘the Life Planning philosophy is founded on the idea that every human being strives to live a life of meaning and purpose’. So what has this all got to with financial planning?

The answer is a new beginning for the industry; financial planning is evolving and developing into something that is no longer about generic products, common goals or generalised strategies. Financial planning is becoming a profession that discovers your unique aspirations and shows you the ways in which these can be achieved. Of course, this is something new to the world of finance and will not become common practice for years to come.

At Efficient Portfolio we are embracing Life Planning. We believe that the client’s core dreams and desires need to be at the forefront of their financial planning. Every client is unique to us and we work hard to give you a future that is completely centred on you, your dreams and your innermost hopes. We aim to break through any self imposed barriers that are preventing your dreams from coming to light. With this meaningful content we can then build a plan that is as unique as you are.

So don’t hold back on your dreams, contact us today to see how Life Planning can enrich your future.

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