A mortgage can be one of the most important debts you will take on in life, but are you sure you’re getting the best deal? To help give you a clearer picture, we have searched the internet and found a selection of calculators that will show you everything from affordability through to how much Stamp Duty could be due.

True Cost Mortgage Calculator: Rates and Fees

This True cost mortgage calculator allows you to really compare how different home loans stack up by checking what arrangement fees add to the overall cost over the life of a deal. It will tell you the monthly repayments for rival mortgages and crucially let you add fees, so that you can compare the total cost over a deal period, such as a two, or five-year fixed rate mortgage.

Stamp Duty Calculator

Stamp duty is a major bill for those buying a home but puts more of a burden on some buyers than others. While first-time buyers get a stamp duty exemption and those buying an average UK home face bills of about £2,500, people buying expensive homes and buy-to-let landlords can pay tens of thousands

Mortgage Monthly Interest Calculator

Calculate your monthly mortgage repayments and find out how much your loan will cost you in interest...

Mortgage Affordability Calculator

Find out how much you can afford to borrow, or whether you can afford your existing mortgage. You can also see the difference between capital repayment and interest-only deals, to see which is more suited to your needs.

Mortgage Interest Rate Calculator

Work out how much extra or less you would pay on your mortgage if your lender changes the rate you are paying.

Interest Only Mortgage Calculator

The switch from an interest-only to repayment mortgage can be expensive. This calculator shows how much extra a month - and the total amount - you might have to pay if you for a move from interest-only to repayment.

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