How do we help our family clients?

The vast majority of our family clients have very similar concerns, and also similar opportunities that they do not feel they are maximising.

The concerns that many of them have are:

  • That if a family member was to suffer an illness or an accident, the rest of the family would all struggle financially.
  • That the pensions they have set up in the past are offering poor returns, are being eroded by high charges and wont provide sufficient income in the future when they need it.
  • The lack of interest they are receiving from their savings.
  • That if they were to die their assets would not be dealt with in line with their wishes, or in the most tax efficient manner.
  • That they would like to start drawing an income and capital from their retirement funds in the coming years, and that they are not sure the best way in which to do this, and whether they will have enough.
  • That they wont have sufficient savings to meet their childrens education requirements in the future.

The common opportunities that our family clients have are as follows:

  • Identifying investments and savings to ensure the maximum growth from your money, without taking unnecessary risks.
  • Using Will & Trust solutions to ensure their estate will be dealt with in accordance with their wishes, and in the most tax efficient manner.
  • To establish a saving arrangement to ensure there is a lump sum available to their children in the future, whilst ensuring they do not have complete access to it when they turn 18.
  • That the level of stamp duty you are paying on your new purchase could be reduced through tax planning.

So what do we do for them?

We help our family clients identify these opportunities and take measures to address these concerns. The Efficient Wealth Planning Process will allow us to do this for you.We have offices in both Rutland (in Seaton) and in London, so one of our expert Financial Planners is never too far away.

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