We believe everyone is different, so when we undertake portfolio construction for our client, this requires a bespoke portfolio rather than an off the shelf solution. We use a blend of two theories to build our portfolios.

Modern Portfolio Theory: Harry Markowitz won the Nobel Prize for economics in 1990 by developing Modern Portfolio Theory. The Markowitz model is a systematic technique for building an investment portfolio and adjusting it over time to ensure it meets the required objectives.

Black-Litterman ProcessBlack-Litterman refines the Markowitz model to produce more stable and diversified portfolios. It attempts to try and take account of the future expected returns as well.

The Efficient Portfolio is successful because it works on the understanding that successful investing is 80% asset allocation and 20% investment choice. Too many people focus solely on investment choice, when asset allocation is the prime contributing factor in successful long-term financial plans.

Example Portfolio

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