The Progressive Review Programme


We understand that everything changes, especially your goals, financial responsibilities and requirements. Although we can build you a financial plan that will meet your needs, maximise your savings, fall in line with legislation and protect your future, all of these elements will change over time. If you do not keep your financial plans in line with these changes it will gradually become less and less efficient.

If you choose to become one of our clients, we will ensure your financial planning continues to evolve with you. We do this using The Progressive Review Programme, which includes the following services and more:

  • Your Client Review Workshop

In the financial world, changes come at a fast pace. Whether it’s the legislation changes, new tax wrappers available, new tax reliefs to utilise, portfolio changes for an uncertain world or new planning opportunities that present themselves, they are non-stop, and many of these areas can affect the planning of the majority of our clients. The interactive Client Review Workshop ensures you tick off all of the essentials each year. This enables us to have a more focussed 1-2-1 meeting, where we can spend more time looking and resolving your specific and personal concerns.

  • Your Annual Planning Review

At your Annual Review we will revisit all the areas of financial planning relevant to you, identify any new shortfalls and help you progress further towards your financial goals.

  • The Efficient Wealth Update

Knowledge is power, so on a monthly basis we will send you a newsletter providing you with a snapshot of what is happening in the world of finance, so that you are fully informed on new legislation, opportunities or general changes to the financial landscape.

  • Our 2nd Opinion

The world of finances is a strange place. If you change jobs, want to discuss your company, have a financial question or just need a sounding board for an idea, our 2nd Opinion allows you to do exactly that.

  • The Strategic Partner Network

Over time we have worked with many leading professionals in all areas of the financial world. We are able to work closely with and recommend companies to people in other areas as and when you need them.

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