Understand how to maximise your opportunities and reduce your risks, so you can fill your retirement with what you love and leave a legacy.

At Efficient Portfolio we aim to bring clarity, simplicity and confidence to your retirement strategy, by helping you to identify suitable solutions that can help you to achieve your goals and lead to the later life you deserve.

Why choose us for your retirement planning

The majority of our clients in your situation have very similar concerns:

You would like to start drawing an income and capital from your retirement funds in the coming years, and you are not sure the best way in which to do this, and whether you will have enough for your lifetime.
The pensions you have set up in the past are offering poor returns, are being eroded by high charges and will not provide sufficient income in the future when you need it.
The lack of interest you are receiving from your savings, and the erosive effect that inflation is having on them.
You are concerned that annuities provide poor value for your hard-earned savings, but you are not sure of the alternatives and the risks that come with them.
That you are not sure what level of income you are likely to be able to retire on, whether that will be sustainable in the future, and whether you can afford to do your bucket list.
That your retirement savings will not be drawn in the most tax efficient manner and you will end up paying unnecessary tax in retirement.

"Once we reach retirement age, we all want to have achieved financial security, and to be safe in the knowledge of how much we are going to receive each month. Planning for your retirement should be a crucial part of your financial strategy, but this path can be confusing and overloaded with information."

How we can help you plan your retirement

Whilst there is not one overreaching solution for these problems, there are plenty of options out there, many of which are poorly publicised in the media. At Efficient Portfolio, we are specialists in retirement planning and can offer help with pension planning, pension consolidation and your retirement income options. Whatever retirement planning concerns you may have, we help our clients identify opportunities and take measures to address their needs.

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