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Planning for retirement can often feel like a daunting task. There are many factors to consider, so navigating through your income and pension options can feel quite overwhelming.


Our team is dedicated to helping clients build a future they can rely on.

Our Retirement Planning Service

Simply put, retirement planning gives you and your family a peace of mind by ensuring your income goals are achievable and sustainable. It’s a way to secure your future independence and factor in all your post-retirement needs.

It’s never too late or too early to start retirement financial planning. A comprehensive retirement plan gives you the security needed to enjoy your golden years without any unnecessary complexity.

It’s a holistic approach that involves creating time-specific goals, estimating future expenses, calculating future tax liabilities, and evaluating your attitude to risk, so you can calibrate your strategy to a level of risk you are comfortable taking.

Our retirement income planning service includes guidance and assistance with pension planning, pension consolidation, and retirement income options, amongst any other concerns you may have.

With the help of retirement planning specialists, clients can expect to maximise their financial opportunities and reduce the amount of risk they take. Retirement planning shouldn’t be confusing or tedious; instead, we strive to create simple yet profound retirement strategies that our clients can both understand and feel confident with.

How We Can Help You Plan Your Retirement

We can help you understand the different options available to you and simplify the complexities surrounding retirement planning.

Our retirement planning specialists can address any concerns and offer viable solutions to clients approaching this important new chapter of their life.

We can help you maximise opportunities and reduce any risks associated with your financial decisions.

The most common concerns include questions regarding tax efficiency, poor pension returns, low savings interest, Inheritance Tax, and drawing income from retirement funds.

Retirement planning allows clients to identify the best investment opportunities and endeavour to maximise returns from their hard-earned money. It can also help reduce any risks associated with investments, especially as clients get older.

Are You Approaching Retirement?

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Whether you are approaching retirement age or still have a long way to go, we can help you create a bespoke financial plan that fits your post-retirement needs. 

One of our retirement financial planning specialists will sit down with you for an initial meeting, assess your portfolio, and determine the best financial strategy for your future. 

We can help you narrow down what kind of lifestyle you want to experience, how much you’ll need to save, and what you have to do in order to reach your financial goals. 

Have You Already Retired?

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Retirement advice and planning isn’t just for those who are nearing this important milestone, it’s for those who have surpassed it too. We want all our clients to increase their financial opportunities, therefore, we also help individuals reassess their retirement plan.

Even after retirement, it’s still important to keep track of your finances and their performance. In the future, anything can change, including your personal aspirations, your financial goals, and even the strength of the market.

We can help identify the level of risk associated with your pension, assess the performance of your investments, and look to improve the overall output of your savings, and much more.

Our Happy Clients

If you want to hear how we’ve helped individuals pursue and fulfil their retirement planning goals, take a look at what our clients say about us.

Taking You Through Our
Retirement Planning Process

We use the S.A.F.E Retirement Roadmap Method: a process that is both simple and transparent.

We begin by discussing the potential scenarios you may encounter after retirement. The various possibilities are then amalgamated to create an ideal and achievable strategy. The following step is to then forecast the different ways you can achieve your goals, and finally, we evaluate the entire plan from a holistic point of view.

Why Choose Us For Your Retirement Planning?

When it comes to reaching retirement, nobody should feel unprepared or concerned. We approach the retirement planning process in a holistic, transparent, and bespoke manner, allowing you to focus on enjoying this important milestone rather than worrying about the future of your finances.

Our Retirement Planning Tools And Calculators

If you want a little more clarity regarding your future finances, make sure to check out our online retirement and family financial planning tools and calculators. These resources can help you gauge what concerns you may have before you book a call with one of our retirement planning specialists.

Book a chat with one of our team

The first step to achieving your goals is to discuss your concerns with a member of our team.

Our 2 Minute Retirement Planning Tool

Our 2 Minute Retirement Plan tool is designed to give you an insight into what your retirement plan solutions could look like. It’s an excellent starting point for clients who aren’t too sure about what kind of growth they are likely to achieve or how to go about improving their strategy.

Our Retirement Planning Calculator

With just a few simple inputs, our Retirement Planning Calculator can estimate, in monetary terms, how much you could expect to receive from your future pension fund, the amount of your tax-free sum, and other important figures. This calculator gives you a rough idea of what to expect before speaking to a Financial Planner.

Have a Retirement Planning Question?

It’s normal to be inquisitive about the future of your financial status. Retirement is a turning point in your life, so you’ll want to make sure you’ll be prepared when the day finally arrives.


If you still have any questions about retirement savings planning, they may already be answered. Check out some of our most frequently asked questions below or head over to our financial planning FAQ page.

Why Should I Plan Ahead for Retirement?

Retirement planning is essential, as a few hours of preparation can save you a lot of stress in the long run. Proper planning could ensure you have enough money to enjoy your retirement and give you peace of mind. You can read our blog on why retirement planning is important to find out more information.

How Can I Plan My Retirement?

There are many ways to start planning retirement. Start by identifying your retirement needs and future goals. However, for the best and most thorough financial strategy, you should always speak to a specialist on how to plan for retirement.

Could Retirement Be Bad for You?

Without careful planning and consideration for the future, the road to retirement can be a bumpy path. However, this should be an incredible new chapter in your life and if you’ve planned for it successfully, you can be confident about your future.

What Are My Pension Options?

When and how you draw from your retirement funds should be carefully planned. Our team of retirement advisers can help you hypothesise different scenarios and identify which retirement options are more suited to your future lifestyle.

How Can I Increase My Pension?

There are many ways you can boost your income and increase your pension. You just need to find the strategy that’s right for you. With the help of a retirement financial adviser, you can compare and contrast different options and strategies available for your needs.

Should I Consolidate My Pensions?

Pension consolidation reduces the stress of managing multiple plans, can cut down on fees, and lets you focus on the performance of a single stream of revenue. However, the difficulty lies in choosing the correct one, which is what we can help with.

What Happens to My Pension When I Die?

Even though it’s morbid, many wonder, ‘how do pensions work after death?’ Leaving a legacy for loved ones is one of the greatest concerns when it comes to retirement planning, but there are many options available. Speak to one of our retirement financial advisers to find what works best for you. 

How Much Money Do You Need to Retire?

The answer to this question is completely subjective. It all depends on the lifestyle you desire. If you’re not too sure, one of our retirement planning specialists can help forecast your finances and create a bespoke and flexible retirement plan. 

Build Your Dream Retirement

If you’ve always dreamt about your ideal retirement, but you’re not quite sure how to go about it, we’ve compiled a selection of free financial planning events, webinars and online courses designed to help.

The Dream Retirement
Roadmap Webinar

This webinar teaches individuals how to achieve future financial security. If you want to ensure you’ll have enough money to retire, or perhaps maximise the benefits of your savings and pensions, this webinar is for you. It outlines the basics of retirement planning and instills confidence and clarity in those reaching this essential milestone.

The Dream Retirement
Roadmap Online Course

For a more in-depth approach to the Dream Retirement Roadmap, we also offer an online course. This resource comprises fifteen episodes that will teach you all about the in-and-outs of retirement planning uk; from identifying different ways you can improve performance to learning how to leave a legacy.

Book a chat with one of our team

The first step to achieving your goals is to discuss your concerns with a member of our team.

Our Other Financial Planning Services

Investment Management

Whether you want to start saving for your future or simply reassess your entire portfolio, investment management ensures that your investments align with your financial goals.


Your mortgage and buying your dream home can be challenging, but rewarding, and the right advice can make a complicated process feel hassle-free.

Financial Protection

After working so hard to accumulate your wealth, it’s only natural that you seek financial protection. We can help identify the best strategy to fit your unique requirements. 

Estate Planning

Leaving a legacy for your loved ones is an important goal for many of our clients. Estate planning is the best way to ensure your loved ones are cared for and your wishes are fulfilled when you are no longer here.