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It’s Time to Start Thinking SMART

Growing and protecting your estate for the benefit of your loved ones is a key aim of the majority of our clients. Working together, we help to formulate strategies that will provide your family with financial security and freedom for the rest of their lives. But are you confident that they will do the same for the generations to come? Or even worse, will they squander the money because they don’t know how to look after it?

One of my bug-bears with education is the lack of focus on ‘real life skills’. Anyone who has gone through the British education system will have sat through hours of quadratic equations, Shakespearean quotes and learning how to decipher an igneous rock from its sedimentary counterpart, but how useful were these lessons? Yes, some of your teachings may have helped you land your dream job, but will knowing the dates of the Stuart Kings and Queens help you manage your finances? I left an amazing school not having even heard of a pension, a mortgage or a credit card.

I am a firm believer that schools should be educating children on the real ‘truths’ of life: why it’s important to save money, how to afford your first home and how to reduce the risk you take with your money. It’s something that I’m fanatical about, so much so that I’ve written a book on the topic.

In September 2017, ‘SMART Money: How to Create Financial Freedom’ was published. Written for those just starting out on their financial journey, this book empowers people to become financially free enough to stop work and live out their hopes and dreams. For younger generations, or for anyone who is yet to start their financial journey, ‘SMART Money’ teaches you how to develop a ‘savings psychology’, so that you can fill your life with what you love and gives you all of the tools you need to build, manage and protect your wealth.

Smart Money - Charlotte Colton & Charlie Reading

If you are looking to start saving for your future and want to make sure that you can retire early enough to enjoy amazing experiences with your friends and family rather than listening to their stories of freedom while you are still at work, this book is for you.

Passing on this information to your children and grandchildren could be pivotal to their future financial success, so it’s not just important- it’s crucial!

Whether you chose to give the book to your children, grandchildren, friends, or even read it yourself, SMART Money could be the most beneficial gift you give. It isn’t a long book, and it is easily digestible for a younger less financially savvy reader, so we think they and you, will enjoy it.

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