Our Testimonials

Hearing feedback from our clients helps us to improve our service and deliver an expert level of bespoke planning. Here are what some of clients are saying about Efficient Portfolio.

Peter and Sarah

How can I afford my dream home? Our clients Peter and Sarah explain how financial planning helped them to buy their dream home and secure their future.


Will l have enough money when l retire? James tells us about the uncertainty he faced over his future and how we helped him to gain some confidence over his financial future.


How much is enough for the future? Deborah wasn’t sure that she would have sufficient funds for her future. In this video she explains how our tools and service showed her what to expect and take control.


What can I do once I’ve sold the farm? Anthony was unsure about what do once he sold his business. In this video he explains how financial planning gave him a clearer vision and helped him to reached some informed decisions.


How can I maximise my pension? Roger was already retired when he came to us, but he wanted to make the most of what he had. He explains how our guidance has helped to boost his income throughout his later years.


How much risk should I take with my money? Jeremy was unsure how to maximise what he has, and how to utilise his excess cash. He explains how our guidance ensured he didn’t take too much risk, but managed to make the most of his wealth.


Ray kindly tells us how Efficient Portfolio have helped him with his financial planning, and how the strategies in place have proven to be incredibly valuable during COVID-19.


How can you gain clarity over your retirement? Richard and Teresa came to us after having had lost their confidence with another adviser. They explain how we helped to bring clarity and certainty through our communication and human touch.

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