The Efficient Financial Plan


If you want us to build a financial plan for you, we will do so in The Efficient Financial Plan. The Efficient Financial Plan is sent both in paper and electronic format. The fee payable for The Efficient Financial Plan will vary depending on its content; this will be calculated for you at the end of the Exploration Meeting. If you are not completely satisfied with Your Efficient Financial Plan you receive, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

There are three clear areas that your own Efficient Financial Plan covers.

The Present Planning Analysis

  • In order to build a financial strategy for you for the future, we need to establish whether your existing financial arrangements are meeting some or all of those requirements.

The Efficient Portfolio Approach

  • We will build a strategy to address each of your concerns and for each of the opportunities available to you we will build a strategy to maximise it. The Efficient Portfolio Investment Strategy will ensure your investments and savings achieve the maximum growth for a risk level you are comfortable with.

Implementation Fee Strategy

  • For each of the strategies and solutions we build for you, we will build a strategy that will allow you to cover our fees in the most cost effective and tax efficient manner.