The Exploration Meeting Process


Clearly defining your goals and understanding what obstacles stand in your way, are the foundations for future financial success. During our initial meeting, we endeavour to get to the heart of what is important to you, so that you can gain some clarity on what steps you need to take to achieve the future you want.


We help you to achieve this through The Exploration Process, which is comprised of the following stages:


The Free Finance Call

A complimentary 15-minute conversation with one of our qualified Financial Planners. This free call will give you a clear and concise overview of who we are and how we can help. From here, if our services will be beneficial, and you are happy with what we can offer, we will invite you to meet with us in person.


Your Portfolio Explorer

We don’t believe that a face-to-face meeting should be about filling in forms. Instead, we want to use the time to understand your needs, concerns and aspirations. Your Portfolio Explorer is completed prior to our first face-to-face meeting and allows us to take a snapshot of your current situation. By completing the document in advance, you are given valuable time to explain your position, so we can look to address everything you want us to and identify further opportunities to bolster your financial position.


The Exploration Meeting

This meeting allows us to cover three main areas.

  • About Efficient Portfolio

Approaching a new firm can feel daunting, especially if you’ve never sought financial guidance before. During the initial stages of our first meeting, we will explain more about how Efficient Portfolio works and we can answer any questions you have about working with us.

  • Your Portfolio Analysis

We can look in to more detail at your current situation and look at what is working and what could be improved. This is crucial to your planning and enables us to understand more about your financial knowledge, experience and history, all of which will shape your strategy.

  • Your Future Focus

Financial Planning is all about numbers; it’s about your goals and how to achieve them. For most clients, their main focus lies in the future, and they approach u to help them achieve security, clarity and freedom. In this section of the meeting, we can discuss and identify your key concerns and what opportunities are available to you. This allows us to focus on where we can help you the most and ensures that all planning centres around you as an individual

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