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The Inheritance Tax and Estate Planning Webinar

Wednesday 12th May 2021 at 3pm

If there is one valuable lesson that has come to light during the turbulent months of late it is that the wellbeing and security of our family is one of the most important things in the world.

Evidently health has been a key concern for us all, but for many of our clients their focus has turned to the future financial security of their loved ones. Will their family’s inheritance be penalised by hefty taxes? Could their intended wealth be lost through divorce of care fees? Is their existing strategy enough to guarantee their intentions?

COVID-19 has meant that many of us now feel uncertain about the future, and many of us are concerned about the financial impact it could have on our family’s future security. Whilst life may feel rather precarious at the moment, it is in fact the perfect time to reflect upon what you have in place and look to implement a suitable strategy to ensure that your wishes are brought to life.

When we talk about inheritance and legacies, we often hear a huge number of concerns about the levels of complexity involved in creating a suitable and sustainable estate plan. To help bring some clarity, clear-cut answers and confidence to this topic, we have teamed up with local solicitors, Buckles, to bring you an insightful and informative webinar.


How to avoid hefty Inheritance Tax charges

What measures to take to prevent your assets disappearing if a divorce or remarriage in the family were to happen.

How to ensure that your house and capital are protected against third-party risks.

The importance of Powers of Attorney.

Why a Will may not be enough to safeguard your wishes.

Charlie Reading

Charlie Reading

Chartered Financial Planner and Founder of Efficient Portfolio

Charlie founded and runs Chartered Independent Financial Planners, Efficient Portfolio, who help clients to gain clear insight and clarity over their financial futures. The firm have extensive knowledge of how to help families and individuals protect their wealth for the future benefit of their loved ones.

Historically, Inheritance Tax has been the preserve of the super-wealthy, but this is changing. The ever-evolving world of tax, especially Inheritance Tax, is not just targeting the very rich; in fact, it is beginning to hit the average family too. Last year alone, we saw HMRC collect £5.1 billion in Inheritance Tax - a rise of 9% from 2016 . And with the conventional Nil-Rate Band is fixed at £325,000 until April 2021, this trend looks set to continue.

Any planning around tax can be confusing, time-consuming and controversial! In the UK, we all have to pay tax in some form, so it is important that any plans you make are lawful, accurate and fair. Achieving the balance between what you want to do and what you have to do is a little bit of a minefield, so Charlie will be talking about the dangers of ignoring Inheritance Tax and will demonstrate what your obligations are, and what options are available to you.

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Sarah Westwood

Sarah Westwood

Partner and Estate Expert Planning at Buckles Solicitors

Sarah Westwood is a Partner in Buckles Solicitors, one of the region’s largest law firms and is the Head of the Stamford office. She specialises in Wealth Preservation through Wills, Trusts, Lasting Powers of Attorney as well as Estate Administration.

She will be bringing the topic of Wills to life by explaining why it’s not just having a Will that’s important – it’s all about having the right kind of Will! She will explain how best to protect your assets against the impact of future care fees, remarriage and family divorces. She will also be talking about the vital importance of making Powers of Attorney.

Careful planning around your finances is one of the key steps to take now in order to protect your wealth for the benefit of your loved ones. Understanding these steps could be the difference between you leaving your family ‘a life changing sum’ and a ‘life changing lesson’.

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