Wealth Workshop

You spend your working life earning and hopefully saving money, and then reach retirement and suddenly need to live off what you have accumulated for the rest of your years, which is very daunting. Will you run out, or will you die the richest person in the graveyard? And that's just the money; will you even have the health and wellbeing to see you through a happy new life?

Your finances can often feel like your enemy: they’re confusing, complicated and sometimes even chaotic! We all want future financial security and to lead a life full of everything we love, but where do you start? And what exactly do you need to know to get ahead?

Our free, one-day course, called the ‘Wealth Workshop’ will help to answer these questions and more. During this one-day workshop you’ll learn how to manage your money effectively, minimise the risks and structure your income so you can enjoy your ideal future. We’ll show you how to map out your financial future to ensure you know exactly what lies ahead of you and equip you with the confidence of knowing the best ways to draw an income to facilitate your well-earned, new and exciting life.

How to Save SMART Not Hard

Understanding how to maximise your money will help you to save SMART. We will also help you to build a back-up plan, in case things go wrong, and show you the most suitable systems to boost your wealth.

By saving in the right way now, you can ensure that you will not become one of the 1.4 million people over 65 who are still working. Instead, you will have the freedom to fill your future with amazing experiences with those people who are important to you, all the time knowing that your savings are supporting you and giving you an enriched life full of purpose and happiness.

We will show you how to retire early enough to enjoy wonderful experiences with your friends and family, rather than listening to their stories of freedom while you are still at work.

How to Get Your Money Growing

Saving money is important, but if you do not get that money working harder for you, then you will have to save twice as much and it will run out twice as quickly. To combat this, we need to allow your savings to generate profit. That means we’ve got to get your money growing; but not just any growth, growth over and above inflation. Only at this point do you start to profit.

A Clear Vision of Your Financial Future

Non-one wants to worry about running out of money in retirement; however, you equally don’t want to end up as the richest person in the graveyard.

A successful retirement is founded on the ability to look into the future, see what you need, and then plan how you can get there, including what you can afford today.

This aspect in particular is the key to having peace of mind in your financial life. Without it, you will feel uncertain and worried about what the future holds. With it, you will have the confidence to live the life you want.

How to Build a Flexible Income, Which Could Maximise Your Money and Minimise Tax

How would you like to maximise your hard-fought savings and turn them into a flexible, dynamic income that you deliver what you want, when you want it? Not only that, but how would it feel to know that you could create the later life you want and have the confidence to enjoy your retirement?

We will show you how you can have choice of how much income you take, and how you can draw what you need without paying more tax than you need to, and still do all those amazing things you’ve dreamed of.

Most of our industry tries to create a flat and rigid income strategy, which leaves you unable to do what you want when you want to. Our system will help you turn your hard-earned savings into fluid and accessible pension, which will facilitate your own ‘dream retirement’.

Create a Legacy for Your Future Generations

We all want to be remembered by our families and loved ones, whether that is through the financial inheritance we leave or by making your mark on the world.

We will help you leave a long-lasting legacy, rather than a liability, by helping you to create by design the personal side of retirement. Our expert knowledge and tools will not only show you the technical side of estate planning, but also empower you to think creatively about what you leave behind.

How to Ensure Your Planning Evolves with Your Everchanging Future

Legislation changes, the market changes, your situation changes, and all this affects the effectiveness of your planning. That’s why if you want to continue to have a financially free future, you need to continually progress forward. You need your financial planning to evolve with you, rather than stagnate as all too often is the case.

So, if we give you a clear plan, get your money growing and create you the best income strategy, that will be great today, however, by this time next year, it could be wrong. There will be changes that mean you need to make adjustments to ensure your financial planning continues to support your unique situation.

Our specialist review process has been the reason that many clients left their former advisers, and we will share it with you at our exclusive seminar!

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