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We have a range of tools and calculators available for you to use, which will help you to clarify your situation and gain an insight into your current situation.

2 Minute Online Retirement Planning Tools

The 2 Minute Retirement Plan is a great starting to point for bringing some clarity and confidence to your future. It will give you an indication as to whether you’re on track, shows you how you could get your money working harder and highlights what’s important to you. On top of that, you also get your own Lifetime Cash-Flow Forecast, so that you can start to develop a clear plan about what you need to do now to create the best possible future for you and your loved ones.

1 Minute Wealth Builder

Our 1 Minute Wealth Builder will give you some clear guidance on how to best develop your knowledge and how to ensure that you don’t take unnecessary or uncomfortable risks. It will also give you some clear steps to take to maximise your opportunities and equip you with confidence so that you can ensure your planning is in tune to your personal needs and goals.

1 Minute Wealth Manager

Our 1 Minute Wealth Manager will show you how you could potentially improve, adapt and develop your planning, so that you can be sure that you are maximising all the opportunities available to you and that your planning stays on track.

1 Minute Wealth Protector Tool

Our 1 Minute Wealth Protector will highlight the areas of your finances that are most at risk and give you some clear and straightforward guidance on what you can do to protect your future security and legacy, giving you peace of mind that you and your loved ones can enjoy the most comfortable lives.

Retirement Planning Calculator

Building funds for the future is a key step towards achieving financial security and an enriching retirement, but do you know how much you can expect to receive and whether that amount will be enough?
Our free retirement calculator helps you to plot out how much you could expect to receive on your pension in monetary terms, so that you can gain a better insight into how you could adapt your strategy to meet your needs.

Lifetime Cash-Flow Forecast Calculator

Do you know what your future will look like? Will you be able to achieve your goals and live out a comfortable existence?
If you would like to know where you are heading financially, Lifetime Cash Flow Forecasting is the tool for you. This tool allows you to understand the impact that the decisions you make today will have on your future finances. Essentially, it provides you with a very visual display of how your future finances will look, both from a cash-flow point of view and from an asset point of view, so that you can adapt your plans now, before it’s too late.

Compound Interest Calculator UK

Your savings can be greatly impacted by the effects of compound growth (i.e. the growth on the growth of your investment). Compound Growth is a great feature of investing, as it can help people to achieve their goals in a much quicker fashion and help to smooth out the effect of market fluctuations.
But do you have an idea of how much this will impact you? Our free calculator will help you to gain an insight into the estimated compound growth on your savings. Just a couple of % a year might not sound like a lot, but that affect every year makes a huge difference in the future.

Mortgage Calculators

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