Roadmap Course

Do you want clarity over how much money you’ll need to retire? Will you be able to live out a comfortable and fruitful future? Will you even be able to afford to retire?

There is an increasing feeling of anger and unrest amongst 60-somethings at the moment, who feel that their lack of planning will cost them their ability to retire. Believing that they would be able to rely on the State, pre-retirees are now faced with 10 more years’ hard labour, and face even more uncertainty in relation to the current economic unrest.

Even those who did put money aside are being faced with complex legislation, disjointed planning and excessive charges that threaten to erode their wealth. It’s a ‘Baby-Boomer’ crisis!

If you are hoping for a prosperous and rewarding retirement it is never too late, as long as you take action. If you don’t want to have a future uncertainty, the prospect of never retiring, or not having sufficient wealth to enjoy your later years, you need a plan.

Sadly, financial plans have historically been expensive, inflexible, and often not in line with your evolving needs.

However, there is a much better way – it’s called The Dream Retirement Roadmap™ and I’ve been using it to help clients enjoy their dream retirement without having to having to wade through complex financial principles or products designed to benefit the provider, having to time the financial markets and stare at screens all day or having to complete off-putting complicated
paperwork and forms.

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