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We believe that education is the most important part of your financial planning strategy. Finance can often be overly complex, which can lead to confusion, lack of transparency and a feeling of not having control over your own money. We aim to educate people so that they can better understand their finances, make informed decisions and have full control and confidence over their financial decisions. Of course, some areas of financial planning require an expert partnership with someone who can accurately assess your needs, identify any issues, such as tax, and help you to successfully implement your wishes. Finding that individual can be challenging, so we are able to introduce our clients to highly qualified advisers and suggest experts appropriate to your needs. Our service is free of charge for our clients, so that introduction not only takes the leg-work out of your research, but also doesn’t cost you any money.

"Throughout your life there may be times when you need to turn to various professionals to help you overcome your financial and legal concerns. Whilst utilising experts is a sensible approach, and will help to ensure that any financial and legal implications and restrictions are not over-looked, getting direction from various individual parties can lead to conflicts and a lack of continuity with your planning."

At Efficient Portfolio, we work alongside a number of accountants, solicitors and tax specialists, as part of what we call our ‘Trusted Team’. Managing your finances can be complex and time-consuming, so we believe that working alongside a collaborative team of expert professionals is the best way to achieve your goals. Working alongside each other, rather than in isolation, also means that your needs and goals are considered by everyone involved, creating a complimentary overall strategy.

In this video, we will show you how we can help to support and bolster your overhaul financial strategy and help to identify the opportunities that will work for you.

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How can I maximise my pension? Roger was already retired when he came to us, but he wanted to make the most of what he had. He explains how our guidance has helped to boost his income throughout his later years.


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