Leaving a Legacy through Asset Protection Webinar

Why do we want to build wealth? Is it so we can buy plush homes, drive fast, sleek cars or sun ourselves in exotic climes? Or is actually for a far more personal reason: So that we can give our loved ones a comfortable, secure and enriched life?

For some people, filling our lives with exotic holidays, plush homes and sleek cars is a key motivation to make money; however, most of us also want to help those who we love by leaving behind a legacy that will give them the best start in lives, or enable them to continue to live out their lives with confidence and certainty.

But is just making money enough to guarantee this?

Building wealth is evidently the first step to take if you want to leave a legacy and be able to live out a comfortable and secure future. However, there are many factors that can threaten your estate, most notably Inheritance Tax, family and relationship breakdown and other third-party risks such as care fees.

Whilst none of us can predict future tax rates, family dynamics or health and care needs, there are actions that you can take now to minimise the impact that these risks could have on your personal and your family’s future financial security. But how can ensure you are able to leave a legacy should the worst happen?

When we talk about inheritance and legacies, we often hear a huge number of concerns about the levels of complexity involved in creating a suitable and sustainable estate plan. To help bring some clarity, clear-cut answers and confidence to this topic, we have teamed up with leading lawyer Jane Cowley who is a partner and family law specialist at Geldards LLP a national legal practice with offices in Derby, Nottingham , Cardiff and London to deliver a webinar that covers the following:

  • Avoid hefty Inheritance Tax Charges.
  • Ensure that your house and capital are protected against third-party risks
  • How to protect your legacy in the event of relationship breakdown or relationship changes within your family.


Careful planning around your finances is one of the key steps to take now in order to protect your wealth for the benefit of your loved ones. Understanding these steps could be the difference between you leaving your family ‘a life changing sum’ and a ‘life changing lesson’.

About the Speakers

Charlie Reading APFS, Chartered Financial Planner

Charlie Reading

Charlie founded Efficient Portfolio, who help clients to gain clear insight and clarity over their financial futures. The firm have extensive knowledge of how to help families and individuals protect their wealth for the future benefit of their loved ones.

Charlie is also the author of four books, including ‘The Life Legacy Gift’, which focuses exclusively on helping people to not only build and protect their legacy, but also ensure that they have a fulfilled later life.

In his section, Charlie will show you:

  • How to avoid hefty Inheritance Tax Charges.
  • What measures to take to prevent your assets disappearing if there was a divorce or remarriage in the family.
  • How to ensure that your house and capital are protected against third-party risks.
  • How to still enjoy your wealth in your lifetime, whilst ensuring that your loved ones are cared for after you’ve gone.
Jane Cowley- Partner and Family Law specialist at leading law firm Geldards LLP

Jane Cowley- Partner and Family Law specialist at leading law firm Geldards LLP

Jane is a renowned Family Lawyer and Collaborative Practitioner with a national reputation and over 30 years experience in advising families and advises clients on all aspects of relationship and family matters, with a focus on wealth protection. With the highest rating in legal directories such as Chambers UK and Legal 500 , Jane is often called upon to advise the media in relation to family law matters and is retained by ITV studios as legal adviser for the well known programme Emmerdale.

You can read more about Jane here.

In her section of the webinar, Jane will explain:

  • How can a Family Lawyer help you.
  • How to deal with and fairly process financial claims within divorce.
  • How unmarried cohabiting couples can protect themselves.
  • The truth about ‘The Bank of Mum and Dad’.

Do you want to maximise the legacy you leave to your loved ones? Are you concerned that external factors, such as tax or divorce could erode the inheritance you leave behind? This webinar will show you how to protect your estate, as well as give you the tools to leave behind a meaningful and long-lasting legacy.